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Gateway recruitment was founded on 2015 with an ambition to help organizations find the right human resource. Over the years, we have maintained a leading position in the recruitment industry due to our ability to help our customers achieve their professional goals. We have helped several organizations find the best talent for top positions and have provided hundreds of candidates access to the best jobs in the market. In addition to this, we provide temporary relocation services to help candidates make a seamless move to their new workplace while saving them time, money, and effort.

Staffing solutions tailored to your specific business needs !

Without top-performing human resource, it is almost impossible for a company to achieve its strategic goals. Gateway Recruitment understands your challenges and knows that recruiting, screening, and hiring the right talent is a time-taking process. To help you find the best people, who can take your business forward, we provide expert recruitment solutions that offer the following advantages to you.

- Expert advice from recruitment consultants who have invaluable market insight and a deep understanding of their respective fields.
- We are committed to find the right people for your firm, those who have passed our in-depth screening process. We take your business culture and work environment into    account and find people who can drive your business to new speeds.
- Unlike other recruitment agencies, Gateway Recruitment pays special attention to each client. We understand your company culture, goals, and human resource needs,       and find candidates who match your precise needs.

Opportunities to help you achieve your ideal work-life balance

Whether you are looking to take a step further on your career ladder or finding your first job, Gateway Recruitment can provide you the advice and guidance you need to achieve new career heights. We help you find the best jobs in Ireland that offer ideal work-life balance. Our expert consultants take your expectations and career goals into consideration and offer you career opportunities that are a perfect match to your personality and skills. You get following advantages when you decide to make your next career move with Gateway Recruitment.

- Our consultants conduct a one-on-one meeting to discuss your individual needs and to find the perfect job for you.
- We partner with premier hotel groups and nursing homes of Ireland to offer you best job opportunities.
- We guide you throughout the recruitment process. From registration to interview preparation and travel arrangements, we take care of all your needs so that you can            focus on your job interview.
- We become your agent in the recruitment process and negotiate the job contract with the recruiting firm on your behalf.
- We provide temporary relocation services to students and working professionals who are looking for a job in Ireland.

If you want a professional, tailor-made recruitment service that can help you find the best candidates or best jobs in Ireland, you should partner with Gateway Recruitment.

Being an equitable partner to the employer and employees

Transform lives and businesses with a unique recruitment experience

Our partnership is based on Respect, Integrity, Passion, Positivity, and growth.


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