Relocation Services

Gateway Recruitment offer relocation services that are customized and cost effective to companies and their workers in order to make it easier for newcomers and their families to be able to settle into new destinations within Ireland. Whatever the reason for the relocation, be it moving to a new job or course of study, Gateway Recruitment can help to make the transition smoother and simpler than might otherwise be the case.

Immigrating for Work or Study

The aim of Relocation Services is to offer a wide array of destination services that are cost effective while at the
same time being of an extremely high level of quality in order to meet the requirements of corporate customers and
their employees and anyone else who is immigrating to Ireland for purposes of work or study. Relocation Services
prides itself on ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction throughout the process.

Relocation Services offers a number of different services to clients. These services can include assisting
newcomers to Ireland, particularly those heading to Dublin from India, Malaysia and Arab nations to find
accommodation for company executives/professionals either in the long or the short term, as well as offering advice
on how to open a brand new bank account in Ireland and information regarding travel to and within the country.

Additional Services

Relocation Services can also meet newcomers at the airport upon their arrival in Ireland and take them to where
they want to go. Additional assistance is available from Relocation Services when it comes to such things as
gaining a PPS (Personal Public Service) Number and simply for more information about the city of Dublin –
landmarks, attractions, transport and so on. Students relocation is also handled by Relocation Services, who are
able to arrange students accommodation, including sharing accommodation if required. The associates at
Relocation Services have a vast degree of knowledge when it comes to Ireland, particularly Dublin, and offer a
personalized service suited to all clients.